Capraise finally announced !!

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Update Rebalance!


It’s been a while since we posted any update regarding the ongoing rebalance.
First we want to explain that this doesn’t mean that nothing has happened within that time, but rather we have wanted to avoid making a redundant post with no actual information until we were ready.
In the last few weeks we have been discussing the rebalance in great detail and collecting all the feedback we’ve received from players over the previous months.
While we really appreciate so many people wanting to help with this and love that the community is being involved, try to understand that to gather and process that amount of feedback is a huge task.

As you might have noticed, we originally announced that we would do three stages for the rebalance; we believed that in that frame we could achieve a scenario where everyone could be satisfied with the outcome.
However since we’ve already reached stage five it becomes obvious that the rebalance is a much bigger task than anyone could have anticipated. We’ve reached the point where the time frame we allocated for completing the rebalance has long since passed and is beginning to affect our schedule for everything else.

So we needed to decide how we were going to continue.
Our original plan had been to patch the entirety of the rebalance in one go, however based on the feedback collected from our various social platforms, in game and from our surveys; it’s become apparent that we cannot proceed with that plan with the rebalance in its current state.
Neither do we have the opportunity to continue with additional stages in the hope that the original plan could become possible.

So after much discussion we’ve come to the following decision.
The changes for the rebalance that have had the most positive feedback will now be patched onto our internal test servers for testing.
While their functionality has been tested on the public rebalance server there are still issues with descriptions, animations, icons, vendor locations, prices and much more that will need to be corrected before this content can be patched onto the servers.

Specifically the major changes that will be included in this are:


- Additional tiers of Mock at 100 and 110.
- Additional tier of Snearing Kick at level 109
- Additional tiers of Fatal Shout at level 110 and 115.
- Increased aggro generation of Mock, Snearing Kick and Fatal Shout


- Increased the damage of Aimed Shot
- Increased the damage and range of Power Shot
- Increased the damage and DoT of Poison Shot
- Increased the damage and DoT of Bone Shot
- Increased the damage and DoT of Venomous Shot
- Increased the damage and DoT of Natures Mist
- Increased the damage and DoT of MultiDisease Shot
- Increased the damage and DoT of MultiBlood Shot
- Decreased the SP cost of Natures Mist, MultiDisease Shot and MultiBlood Shot.

While this list is not exhaustive, it includes all of the most significant changes; in addition there may be some small adjustments but nothing that will greatly affect the functionality of any skill or class.

This doesn’t mean that everything else from the rebalance has been forgotten or discarded.
There are many more changes that we still intend to make, but for now only those that we have decided are urgent and where the feedback is very
clear and consistently positive.
Once the first changes mentioned above have been successfully patched, we will return our attention to the remaining changes.

In addition, because the rebalance has taken longer than expected the rebalance changes can no longer be patched independently but will instead be combined with another major content patch which is already on our internal test servers; the cap rise to level 125, along with its new maps, quests, items, towns and dungeons.

We hope you enjoyed joining us for our first public testing as much as we have enjoyed having the community share their input, opinions and feedback.
We’re already planning ways to include the community in testing and giving proactive feedback more in the future.

Your Fiesta Online Team

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Website rework and spambots

Hello everyone,


next 2 weeks i’ll start do do a full re-design of the website and update the content a bit.

However, as there are currently at least 200 spambots registered on the website as well, posting around 180 comments every week (which doesnt show due spam protection but i have to clean out manually) i will also wipe the user database and the forum profiles.


If you want to keep your current avatar picture or signature please make some backup of it til next friday (Aug. 15th) because after this date they will be gone for good.


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Possible Capraise announced ?

On german Fiesta, Gamigo posted a ‘Fiesta Informer Issue 1′ Newsletter about current and future projects.

Naturally, right now the long announced rebalance is being mainly worked on and consumes most of the time, however they also announced a BIG PATCH for 24. of July this year. Speculations arouse that this will be the capraise to 120.

Lets see if this really brings us some new content (with like 2 month time to prepare for it) or ist just another useless eventmap like the last times ;)



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recruiting advertisment ;3



don’t be mad if you’re not mentioned. it’s not on purpose. there are just too less fishes :| I <3 you all

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Finally ….

We got a 105-115 Kingdom Quest.


It seems like the reward can be Level 100 Earrings with yet unknown stats.


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And theeeeeeeeeeeen ….

we did it again :)

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Devildom Fortress strikes back !

or maybe it doesnt … because we’re going there again on Saturday, 5th of october at 08:00am (gathering at 07:30am)  servertime.

Remember we should be at least 15, better 20 people :)

Cya there

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Time for a little change …

In the next 4 weeeks i’ll switch on designs for the website a bit as i’m kinda bored of our old theme.

Lets see if we find something that just looks better as the old one we had :)


Please comment how you like a design or if you absolutely dont like it

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Admire recruiting only 100+ from now on

Yesterday at DDF we figured out that we have 100 people online but about 1/3 is lower than level 100. This fills up our ranks a lot and no fresh members can join. Therefore we only accept Level 100+ new people for some time to get more effective for DDF.


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And once more …

we gather for DDF.

This time we try another day/time if we’re more successful in gathering.

Next DDF Run therefore starts on Saturday 09:00am Servertime.

Update: After around 5 hours we finally did it again. We got 3 drops this time (2 boots, 1 helm)


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